The Safari of Cybersecurity

Sitting on a shady porch overlooking the river and savanna of Samburo in Northern Kenya. To the left, several elephants lounge in the water. To the right, baboons gather along the riverbank and the safety of the trees beyond. In the middle, just across the river from the shady porch, a leopard stretches lazily to shake off a midday nap and surveys the evening’s offerings at what might be considered his food court. Dissatisfied with the current menu, the leopard retires to the shade of the saltbush and acacia tree to give the chefs at the circle of life cafe a chance to prepare a fresh offering.

Here’s the thing: all the animals know the leopard is there. They know the leopard is hungry. And they know the leopard is going to eat. These are the knowns. What they don’t know is whether or not it is their turn as the guest of honor.

The digital ecosystem is no different than the African plains. Every morning, IT professionals wake up knowing that they have to outrun the hackers, and hackers know they have to outsmart the good guys. There is a relaxed tension to the whole enterprise. Most threats are known, as are most of the players, and the ecosystem works against the principle of inevitability.

ICS: A Darwinian Response To Cyberthreats

Giraffes have the same number of neck bones as humans. Seven. Of course they are much larger and they support a larger head, but that giraffe survives on the leaves no other animal can reach. Sometimes you need a little extra elevation to see threats more clearly.

ICS is highly-evolved cybersecurity. We look at the whole ecosystem and help ensure the leopard’s teeth sink into other networks and somebody else’s data.

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